The 100-Year-Old Man by Love Larson & Eva von Bahr

Model: Robert Gustafsson

Makeup Artists: Love Larson and Eva von Bahr*

Actor/Model: Robert Gustafsson

Company: The Makeup Designers

* 2016 Oscar Nominees

On ‘The Hundred Year Old Man’ we started by cleaning Robert’s skin with
 Kiehl’s Blue Astringent. Then, we used the Dry spray in places where he tended to perspire the most. Then we covered all skin that would have glue on it with Telesis Top Guard. All pieces were glued with Telesis 5 and Telesis Thinner at a 50/50 ratio. The edges were sealed with a mixture of duo and Telesis Beta Bond.

All the appliances for the 100 year old stage were pre-painted with silicone/oils and liquid Skin Illustrator. The colors used were Rose Adjuster 2, Olive Adjuster, Midnight Brown and a mix of Rice Paper and Natural 1. All these were spattered on very thin using a Paasche H-brush.

We mix a few drops of castor oil into the liquids prior to thinning them as this seems to make the paint a bit more flexible.

We use Skin Illustrator for almost everything. From beauty makeup to prosthetics to hair and wigs.
 We use Skin Illustrators to match own fronts with partial wigs, and to color bald spots in thin hair.
 Only by using the Flesh Tone Palette we can tackle almost any makeup. We wouldn’t go to set without it. A great thing with the Telesis glue is that it removes easily from hair. We have done a lot of makeups where we glued the whole hairline down with Telesis before covering it with prosthetics. We really love your products and we rely on them on every job. — Love Larson & Eva von Bahr

Final steps is airbrushing veins in Vein Tone and painting on small broken capillaries with a fine brush from the Complexion Palette.

We used a Paasche H-brush with thinned Midnight Brown to break everything up before we started going into the palettes.

After all pieces were blended we spent an hour painting everything on him.  We used the Flesh Tone Palette: Rose Adjuster 2, Olive Adjuster, Cedar Brown, Rice Paper, Coral Adjuster and Vein Tone. From the Complexion Palette: DT Blush, a mix of the Mauve tones and Dusty Rose, Capillary, and also the Cool Tone.

We always use dye brushes to spatter the colors to begin with, then we keep working with brushes and finish with details like capillaries.

Makeup removal was done with Telesis Super Solv, the best remover on the market.

Love Larson & Eva von Bahr