Health & Safety

Under exaggerated conditions of study (100% occlusion), results showed Skin Illustrator Liquid Color to cause no identifiable evidence of skin irritation. — California Skin Research Institute, 1999

Skin Illustrator colors have been tested by independent labs for dermal irritation and have been proven safe for use on skin.


Skin Illustrator in Liquid form is flammable (alcohol). Use in a well ventilated area. Do not use on cut or abraded skin. For external use only. Do not use near a heat source, open flame or any source of ignition. Use caution near the eyes. keep away from children. Comply with all OSHA safety precautions when spraying Liquid Skin Illustrator (99% alcohol). Full body applications require an approved paint booth with spark proof ventilation equipment. Contact your Production Safety Coordinator for information. Small spraying applications (such as an airbrush) can be treated as an aerosol hair spray. repeated use of any alcohol activated color can cause drying of the skin. Moisturize skin thoroughly after every application. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and apply moisturizer.

Do not cause to ingest.

Skin Illustrator is manufactured to insure our products are in full compliance with the law, good manufacturing practices (GMP), and FDA regulations when they leave our premises. We proudly place our name and trademark on our products so that our customers may know that they are getting the genuine article.