Wrist Palette



Discover the convenience of the Skin Illustrator Pro Wrist Palette – your ultimate tool for seamless makeup application. This innovative system features a magnetic white acrylic palette, a magnetic black base, and an adjustable black wrist band. The band is easily put on and removed with velcro fasteners. Say goodbye to the hassle of handling both your mixing palette and makeup – our wrist palette gives you an extra set of hands. Crafted with powerful rare earth magnets, it securely snaps into place and easily detaches with a simple twist. Elevate your makeup game with the Skin Illustrator Pro Wrist Palette.

Suitable for wrist sizes 6.3-8.3 in (16-21 cm)

Color variations of the wrist bands and a stainless steel palette alternative are sold separately.

Cleaning & Care

Acrylic Mixing Palettes can be cleaned with soap and water or alcohol. Do not use any other solvents such as acetone or MEK. Use of these may result in damage of the product.

Smaller Wrist?

We have a Petite version of the Wrist Palette Kit. Featuring an elastic band that fits as small as 4.5 inches.