Skin Illustrator Singles are now available in many of our most popular colors. These large, circular pots are perfect for providing that extra bit of pigment needed to carry out and complete any makeup. The wide open mouth provides easy application with either a brush or a sponge, while the sleek packaging can fit in your pocket.

You must use Skin Illustrator Activator or 99% alcohol to activate the color pigment. Do not use 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone, water or any other solvent.

Removal is easy with PPI’s Telesis Beta SolvTelesis Super Solv or Telesis Makeup Remover.

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Aged Blood, Bamboo 1, Bamboo 2, Black, Blood Tone, Blue Bayou, Bone, Bourbon St. Amber, Bruise Tone, Burnt Orange, Burnt Sienna, Cajun Red, Capillary, Cedar Brown, Chocolate, Chromed Fuschia, Cobalt Blue, Cool Tone, Copper, Coral Adjuster, Coral Blue, Dark Brün, Dark Mauve, Darth Moss, Dead Flesh, Din, DT Blush, Dusty Rose, Electric Orange, Emeril'd Green, Espresso 1, Espresso 2, French Qtr. Fuschia, Fronkinsten, Ghastly, Gold Bullion, Golden Ochre, Grass Stains, Green, Grey Matter, Iridium Green, Iron Red, Jester Yellow, Lao 1, Lao 2, Light Mauve, Light Sienna, Lime Daiquiri, Lividity, Mayan Gold, Midnight Brown, Mint Julep, Muddy Waters, Natural 1, Natural 2, Olive Adjuster, On Ice, Pastel Yellow, Platinum, Powdah'd Milk, Powder (Fumo), Prairie Dust, Prime Red, Prime Yellow, Purple Justice, Red Oxide, Redrum, Rice Paper, Rose Adjuster, Rotten Stone, Sand, Sedona, Soot, Sterling, Talos Bronze, Ultra Blue, Vein Tone, Vile Bile, Warm Ochre, White, Yellow Corpse