Glo-Worm is a new transparent UV-reactive alcohol color. It applies as an invisible layer over makeup or skin and only revealed under UV black light.’

Removal is easy with PPI’s Telesis Beta Solv.

In the video, the muscular system makeup is applied using Skin Illustrator colors. The skeleton makeup is Glo-Worm hand-painted/airbrushed over top of the initial look, and activated under a UV black light.

When applying Glo-Worm use a UV blacklight in a low-lit space.

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Don’t ruin your hard work! Be sure to seal your makeups first before applying Glo-Worm on top.

See how the Muscle/Bones UV-makeup was made in the Cris Alex tutorial

Cracking, Bubbling, etc

Due to the high pigment content and lack of unnecessary fillers in the Skin Illustrator color system, cracks, bubbles and any shrunken appearance that may occur in some dried color cells does not affect the quality or performance of the product in any way.

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