The FX Palette Liquids are airbrush ready. Allowing for simulated burns, cuts, scrapes, scabs, and bruises. As always you can use the color as is. Also can be mix with any other Skin Illustrator colors. Allowing you to create your own unique blend of colors. Therefore giving you endless possibilities.

In general many just think of this collection only for injury. However the primary colors give artists more versatility imaginable. Flesh tones are just different combinations of primary colors. In other words, the colors included give you the ability to create endless variety of skin tones.

Tested on feature film productions by a team of award winning makeup artist. As a result it has proven it’s value to anyone’s makeup kit. FX Palette Liquids are perfect for special effects, character and fantasy creations alike.


From the movie Blow, Johnny Depp in multiple stages of injury make-up using gelatin appliances.  Painted with Skin Illustrator FX and Flesh Tone Palettes.

Make-up by Ve Neill Photos courtesy of Ve Neill.

Do not use any other solvents. For example 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone or water. These will result improper activation or damage to the product.

Want fast clean up? For safe and gentle removal use Telesis Super Solv Plus or Telesis Makeup Remover.

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2 oz (59 ml), 4 oz (118 ml), 8 oz (236 ml)


Aged Blood, Black, Blood Tone, Bruise Tone, Burnt Orange, Clear Gloss, Green, Prime Red, Prime Yellow, Ultra Blue, White