Dirtworks Grime Sprays



Dirtworks Grime Sprays are an oil based formula designed so that it does not completely dry allowing a migration into crevices creating a look that is extremely real.

Grime was created with an oil base to enhance dirt that’s ground into the skin, as well, Grime is used by Wardrobe departments’ to distress costumes.

Dirtworks Grime Sprays are a coordinated system of colored dirt sprays that are matched to the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette. Use alone or with Dirtworks Dirtywaters and Dirtworks Grime Powders to create a variety of “dirty” makeups. They also blend well with all the Skin Illustrator Palettes, Liquids, Glazing Gels and Glazing Sprays.

Need a version that completely dries and doesn’t budge?

Check out our water-based formula Dirtworks Dirtywaters!

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4 oz (118 ml)


Dark Brün, Din, Muddy Waters, Rotten Stone, Sand, Sedona, Soot