Richard Redlefsen @ Monsterpalooza 2016

Richard Redlefsen‘s demo at Monsterpalooza 2016 was of this Phantom of the Opera makeup on actor Chris Riggi.

Hair by Sasha Camacho.

Molds by Carl Lyon and Gwen Ramsey.

Teeth R&D and Casting by Carl Lyon.

Prosthetics Casting by Willy Daemon.

Wardrobe by Franco.

Contact lenses by Jessica Nelson and Sava Markovic.

Shop: Vincent Van Dyke FX.

Also included below is a 3D scan of this makeup done by Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown.

Photos by Russell Brown and Insung Hwang.

This makeup is an homage to two very influential makeups in my life. The 1925 Lon Chaney Phantom which has always been a iconic and a favourite makeup of mine. As well as, the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical version. This was the first prosthetic makeup I saw applied by my friend Liz Spetnagle in San Francisco back the late 90’s. I wanted to do a more clinical and less theatrical version of it. This is what I came up with. — Richard Redlefsen, @richardredlefsen

Richard Redlefsen