Jason Collins @ Monsterpalooza 2019

I’ve always wanted to do a Goblin appliance where the eyes are off set to really change up the profile of the human head. Painting in translucent layers really helps to bring the foam from a dense opaque material to something fleshier. The base layer is rubber cement and gives the general undertone. Next using Skin Illustrator’s Lividity and modeling the reds helps to break up the base tone. A thinned down spattering of cedar brown, olive adjuster and vile bile complete the paint. For application I use Telesis 8 for glue down and beta bond plus to seal the edges. I add dark liver spots using my Skin Illustrator Dark palate. To finish the makeup, I use Mouth F/X Yuck Yellow to give that putrid look and nice subtle shine to the skin using Love Shine. For removal my favorite is Super Solv Plus.

Jason Collins