Warpaint Magazine: Meet The Myers

On August 5th, Warpaint Magazine released an in-depth interview with Skin Illustrator creators Kenny Myers and Karen Asano-Myers entitled “Meet The Myers”.

You can read some of that interview below — and be sure to check out the entire article on their website!

AUGUST 5TH, 2016

“Abbie?  As in Abbie Normal?” is how our interview kicks off with the brilliant Kenny Myers and his equally talented wife Karen Asano-Myers at this year’s UMA Expo.  After introducing our latest contributor, Kenny immediately cracked a joke to get us all relaxed (even if the Young Frankenstein reference did go over our heads somewhat).  Looking at them, with Kenny gently resting a hand on Karen’s shoulder as she leans in to discuss working on The Last Samurai along with a whole host of other iconic projects, you see the calm and experience imbued from knowing that they are artists at the top of their games.  With a lifetime of experience in the hair and make-up trailers of huge films, we were thrilled to have the chance to hear their stories.

Warpaint Magazine [WP]:  We were wondering if you ever had a revelation moment, where you realised that this was it, this was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

Kenny Myers [KM]:  I still haven’t had it.

WP:  You still haven’t had it?

KM:  No.

WP: …So what are you doing with your life then?

KM:  I just come to these places and hang out!

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