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  • Introducing Skin Illustrator Pro Brushes

    Introducing Skin Illustrator Pro Brushes for all your makeup, FX and beauty needs! These premium artist brushes are handmade with European craftsmanship. Assortment of brushes includes both synthetic and natural bristles. Now available through PPI. Take a closer look! S SeriesPB SeriesNR SeriesNF SeriesLR SeriesGF SeriesGR Series LP1 LH1 Continue Reading
  • The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Book 3

    After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the third and final installment of Mike Spatola's Monstrous Make-Up Manual series is finally coming! In this volume you'll find... "All new makeups by some of the leading artists in film and TV today -- Creatures, creations and techniques by Kenny Myers (Return of the Living Dead, The Last Samurai), [...] Continue Reading